L.I.N.K. Mentorship Program

The LinkUnite L.I.N.K. mentorship program was founded in February 2023 with two strong goals in mind.

To teach the younger generations and support industry growth and longevity.

Our program is designed to connect experienced and accomplished mentors with less experienced or younger mentees to foster professional and personal growth. We take pride in the selection of our mentors as individuals we know and respect. We have designed the perfect road map with structured meetings, resources, and networking opportunities. Our mentorship program will have a positive impact on career development and personal growth.

Mentorship Program Partner

Who's Next


Lexi Winberg

Affiliate Marketing Manager – PeopleConnect / Mentee


Lizzie Miller

Business Development Growth Assistant – Rank Media / Intern

Emma Chrzan

Operations Manager – LinkUnite / Mentee

karaburns_20b - Kara Burns

Kara Burns

Director of Affiliate MarketingSuited Connector / Mentee


Sydney Shteif

Client Success Manager – Magic Foo Foo Dust / Mentee


Ninfa Cabello

SVP – Madrivo / Mentor

Jian Arceo

Senior Director of Distribution – Madrivo / Mentor

Rank Media

Mentor / Internships

Kathy Yang

VP of Business Development – Digital Moses / Mentor

Sarah Bundy

Founder & CEOAll Inclusive Marketing / Mentor

Jeannine Crooks

Partner Acquisition & Development at AWIN Global / Mentor