Lee-Ann Johnstone

Founder & CEO
25 Years

Speeches by Lee-Ann Johnstone

[July 30]
2:00 PM - 6:00PM
Theme: L.I.N.K. 1.0 Series - Floor 4

With almost two decades of digital marketing and affiliate experience within e-commerce, retail  fintech and iGaming industry, Lee-Ann Johnstone is an award winning performance marketer, the founder of  The Affiliate Marketing Podcast and founder of Affiverse a leading performance marketing agency in the UK. Along with helping affiliate managers accelerate their program via virtual summits AMPLIFY & ELEVATE twice a year she also runs a 12 week MasterMind for affiliate program managers: Affiliate Manager Performance Program (AMPP) providing on the job   training and coaching for brands who run performance marketing programs. Visit: www.affiverse.com to find out more about how Lee-Ann is helping the world do affiliate marketing, better. 

What has LinkUnite meant to you thus far? 

Community and Value. The community feel of being part of a group of female trailblazers who are all coming together with no judgment to share their knowledge and foster continued supportive learning as well as provide sound career advice, tips and share their connections is quite a powerful thing. Value in that no matter where you are in your career or life journey someone here will step in to hold you up, take your hand and pull you forward when you need it most. Having a support network in this business and working together means we – all rise up!