Sara Malo

President & COO | VP of Partnerships
20+ Years

About Sara

I am a single Mom of two amazing humans. I am a veteran marketer with 22 years of experience in digital marketing and the marketing events industry. Through this time, I have been the secret sauce at many of our Industry Events (LinkUnite, Affiliate Summit, AGS and MailCon, currently Lead Generation World, and the AFFY Expo.)

I believe in self-branding and staying true to yourself. I am lucky enough to work with two of the industry veterans. I am collaborating with Michael Ferree the Founder and CEO of Lead Generation World. Together we are developing the best industry Events out there; Lead Generation World, & AFFYExpo. Amanda Farris and I are co-founders of LinkUnite; a women’s movement in digitial marketing. Amanda and I are who we are – which is loyal, genuine and country women who would rather be in flip-flops or slippers over heels any day of the week. Together we are master networkers and I consider the Digital Marketing Industry our second family.

In my free time I volunteer in my community heading up several non-profits and I used to Coach my daughter’s athletic teams before she got to High-School. On my lunch breaks, I run far and often. Running keeps me grounded and my sneakers are my best friends. In addition to running I love to hike, cycle, play all sports and I am a huge Boston sports fan.

If I had one wish besides the ability to bring back loved one’s that have passed away it would be that people didn’t judge others. Life is already hard enough and we do not know what someone is dealing with. Just being kind to someone struggling may turn their life around.
My life goal is to make sure my daughter becomes the Woman she is capable of being and only allowing healthy relationships in her life and to make sure my son becomes a respectable Man who knows how to treat a woman. If I can accomplish those two my life will be complete. 

5AM Sunrise Hiker
Mom to Taller Tennagers
Dog Mom
Content Master