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Kathy Yang

I’ve been a connector of people and ideas all my life. I came from academia with dreams of becoming the awesomest economics teacher. But then, I discovered the magical world of internet marketing in Silicon Valley when Google and Facebook were just babies and everything internet was shiny and sexy. During my 17+ years in the industry, I was the jack of all trades – data management, email marketing, ESP, ISP, affiliate marketing, search marketing, display marketing, SMS marketing, call center management, product management, copywriting, and social media marketing, as well as accounting, legal, and HR. The most useful rule of law I learned in business is that character reveals itself over time so it’s far more important long-term to follow good people than “good” money. Money is common, in the sense that if you lose it, you can always make more. However, people are one-of-a-kind. There’s only one me and one you. And that’s what I’m most passionate about in life: people.

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Who’s Next

The LinkUnite L.I.N.K. mentorship program was founded in February 2023 with two strong goals in mind.

To teach the younger generations and support industry growth and longevity.

Our program is designed to connect experienced and accomplished women (mentors) with less experienced or younger women (mentees) to foster professional and personal growth. We take pride in the selection of our mentors as women we know and respect. We have designed the perfect road map with structured meetings, resources and networking opportunities. Our mentorship program will have positive impact on career development and personal growth.

For more information please reach out to our President/COO Sara Malo.




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    Lexi Winberg

    Hi, I’m Lexi! I am originally from Minnesota and have lived in sunny San Diego for the past 3 years and many more to come. I graduated with a degree in Business Marketing in the Spring of 2022 and I have been in the Affiliate space for just a few months now, but I have already fallen in love with this industry. With a passion for forging connections and a natural knack for problem-solving I discovered the Affiliate space was a perfect fit for me. When I’m not working, I’m enjoying all that San Diego has to offer by practicing yoga at Sunset Cliffs, going to farmers markets, trying new cafes, or at the beach with my dog Louie. I have a strong passion for learning and I am always looking to expand my knowledge any way I can. I am looking forward to my continuous growth in my career and meeting wonderful people along the way!

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    Elizabeth Miller

    I am a sophomore at Westfield State University studying finance and a minor in management. I am a driven individual looking to grow professionally, academically, and personally. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or knowledge.

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    Emma Chrzan

    I am 19 years old and currently attending Worcester State University as a sophomore majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing. In my spare time I enjoy dancing, being active, traveling and spending time with family and friends, especially my dog! Some of my previous jobs include serving and hosting at Main Street Tavern,  completing a marketing internship at IMI Adaptas, and serving people on Potato Potato food truck. My experience in the service industry  over the years has taught me to adapt to many different situations and handle them in a professional way. I am so excited to learn the digital and performance marketing industry!

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    Ninfa Cabello

    Ninfa Cabello is the Senior Vice President at Madrivo, known for her direct, driven, and passionate approach to leadership. She leads with a clear vision, creating and executing strategies that drive significant organizational impact. Ninfa excels in ensuring employee happiness and placing team members in the right roles to maximize their potential and the company’s success.

    Her leadership extends across three high-performing teams: Growth Managers, Business Development, and Client Success. Ninfa’s ability to break down complex issues into understandable and actionable tasks empowers her teams to excel. She fosters a collaborative and inclusive environment, where every team member feels valued and motivated.

    Passionate about mentorship and professional development, Ninfa is dedicated to supporting her team’s growth and inspiring other women in the industry. Her strategic vision and hands-on approach have been instrumental in Madrivo’s success.

    Join me on LinkedIn  to engage in discussions about digital marketing, leadership, and the journey towards success. Let’s connect and make strides together! 🌐 #DigitalMarketing #Leadership #Growth

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    Jian Arceo

    Persuasive communication, marketing, and utilizing a wide range of techniques for advertising products on various digital platforms are vital in conveying value proposition to the target market. Hence, my extensive experience in implementing strategic initiatives has significantly impacted organizational transformation and excellent results.

    Highlighting my 13+ years of combined experience in digital and affiliate marketing, client services, account management, and business development, I am recognized for providing strategic direction in exceeding organizational goals and objectives. Furthermore, I leverage my digital marketing strategy development and strategic communications expertise to nurture partnerships and exceed performance metrics.

    Over the years, I have realized that it takes more than just having a creative flair to succeed in this field. Thus, as I continue enriching my career, I have been tirelessly exemplifying my creativity and my passion and commitment to getting things done.

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    Rank Media

    We design like artists. Program like nerds. Think like business people.

    At the core, we are a digital agency that combines creative design, marketing strategies and custom development to fuel your business’s growth.

    Our versatile team of developers, designers and marketing professionals help clients navigate the fast-paced digital landscape to effectively grow businesses and build-up brands.

    Our integrated approach allows us to use tech and creative marketing to build up your brand, generate leads and dominate the space within your vertical.